When buying or selling a piece of land or starting a construction project, it is important to know the environment-related land risks (the technical, legal and financial risks). Immoterrae interprets the available data in light of the planned development and investigates how potential environmental costs can be optimised, and what your commitments and liabilities are. We take an independent look at whether, and to what extent, additional research could contribute to limiting risks and improving the profitability and efficient implementation of your project.

Immoterrae offers:

  • clear, objective and independent opinions of environmental risks and environmental costs;
  • interpretation of environmentally-related data regarding the construction project;
  • legal-technical support during development and construction projects;
  • instruments to manage environmental risks.

Immoterrae advises you throughout all stages – acquisition, project planning, construction process, implementation, resale – of your construction or real estate project.